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2:11am 03-14-2020
Marie McKenzie
By now I'm sure you've noticed who purchased and I'm sure you're as enraged as I am

I am writing them a letter, on the computer, and I will send a copy.
3:45pm 02-25-2020
I never had an experience quite like seeing you in St Albans.

Look for me at your next performance, Elvis. I'll be wearing the same thing...
10:52am 10-01-2019
Tony Fernandez
Hi Martyn,
Tony Fernandez here. I received a spam email supposedly from yourself.....were you trying to make contact? If so contact me through our website:-
6:20am 10-01-2019
Sandra Bernabei
Need you for a big event in NYC. Call me asap 011+9145225997 if you can come out December 4th. Ask for me or Steve Quester.
8:05pm 09-01-2019
Spreading the word about you, Martyn. People at the office still talk about you. We are so grateful. You saved us so much money. We hope you come back. St. Albans will always be your home.
9:37pm 08-19-2019
Pete Austin
Hey Martyn, hope you and the family are well! Where can we find an up to date venue / performance list for you? Haven't seen you in a while.....

All the best
9:11pm 03-06-2019
Steven and Adriana
What an absolutely fantastic evening. Friends and family came from all over the country for my Wife's, Adriana's birthday party. Martyn and Sue made Adriana and all our guests feel very special. Both performances, Ricky Lopez and Elvis were excellent.Then to top it all Elvis presented Adriana with flowers and Prosecco from my best mate in Cyprus and sang happy birthday. The look of joy on her face i will never forget. Thank you for a wonderful time. See you again soon. Steven And Adriana.
4:41am 01-17-2019
Roger Thornton
I have to admit, you're one of the best. Everyone here at the knows it.
2:14pm 01-04-2019
The Lands
Thank you, thank you for making our party such a wonderful success.
Without exception, everyone loved your performance as Elvis, Martin. The recording you used as an intro made it feel even more special and the whole cabaret was not only polished and professional but warm and friendly. Your walking around the tables made everyone feel included without anyone feeling uncomfortable. Your little references and good wishes to us on our anniversary made us feel very special and you followed our requests to the letter, for which we were so grateful.
Thank you also to your lovely wife Sue, who provided great music all evening and was so easy to talk to and plan with.
Our only wish is that we could find another reason to have you entertain our friends and family again, it was wonderful and you are two are both truly charming people and we feel thrilled to have met you
9:34am 12-22-2018
My boss arranged for Ricky to entertain us at La Casa in Weybridge for the second year in a row and entertain us again he did. Brilliant night.
12:04am 07-16-2018
Told the gaffer at work about you and she blushed. Keep it up, Martyn! Would love to get you here in Crawwley.
4:19am 03-03-2018

Me again. Told some more guys at the office about you. They're hoping you come down this way again.

Stay warm.
2:58am 11-21-2017
Marie McKenzie

Why don't you own the domain name I saw it for sale at

Kind regards,

12:15pm 09-22-2017
steve oliver
booked you back in march 2016 for an outside gig during storm Katie.all our friends and family still talk about it.not because of the storm but how EXCELLENT your performance was.sorry it has taken me so long to respond. i have just been looking at the footage that i have on my phone and it brought back some very happy memories. Steve+Rachael
1:25pm 09-20-2017
Lisa & Aaron
We had a wonderful wedding day. Thank you so much for all your hard work and making it so memorable. Everyone loved the ceremony and the singing. Wish we could do it all again
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